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Welcome to your BIO 200 Wiki!

For course related pages, check out the following page: Bio 200

Ground Rules


  • Upload a brief biography about yourself in the user’s section and add yourself to the Bio 200 Members page on the left of the screen
  • This is a collaborative site. Feel free to add information to any page (except the main page).
  • Build on each other’s knowledge and talk on the discussion thread.
  • Contribute new and interesting content (e.g. bird species you really like, or a topic related to Biology you find fascinating)
  • Cite primary sources whenever possible and make links to papers videos, books podcasts, you find interesting
  • Include Fun Facts and entertaining content. The site doesn’t have to read like a textbook
  • Link subjects together and build new pages- If you mention a topic (e g Restoration Ecology) in a page about Ecology. Create new pages, which you can either add content to or wait for a classmate to populate the pages
  • You are encouraged to upload copyright-free images for inclusion on pages. You can search for copyright free or educational license using google.


  • Do not remove other people’s contributions without cause. This is known as a form of vandalism. If there is something factually incorrect, update the content but try and describe why you removed the material.
  • Do not upload copyrighted material. This is not allowed under any circumstances.
  • Do not upload offensive, pornographic, factually inaccurate, or non-scientific information, or link to anything like it.
  • Do not link to or copy anything directly from Wikipedia. If there is information there you'd like to include, put it into your own words and cite the original source, not Wikipedia
  • Do not plagiarize any material. If you are quoting another source, make sure to indicate it is a quote and include the reference.

This site will be monitored by Professor Dilly and Professor Thoms, but mostly Prof. Dilly, and sometimes Prof. Thoms. Any violations of the above could result in disciplinary action and possible removal from the course.Aside from that, enjoy and have fun and earn those extra points!

Pages Just Created

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