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Hello and welcome to my Biology Wiki Page. My name is Sebastian Pallamari, I am a freshman at CSUCI, and I am a Biology Major.

I currently live in Camarillo, California and I commute to class everyday. After college, I plan to go to Medical School and study medicine in hopes to become a doctor. My dream is to attend a medical school in California, then continue my career journey as a doctor in Los Angeles. More specifically, I plan to either be an anesthesiologist or a general physician. Now the challenge about this career path I have chosen is how fast you can navigate through it. As hard as it is to say, with 4 years of undergraduate classes, 4 years of graduate classes, and then residency, I hope to have the job of my dream by the time I'm 28 or 29. I also would like to minor in business as I have a company I am working on from the ground up in hopes of success.